<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/12/46/46/48/43/170329091832.jpg?t=1521447562"><br>Restaurant property conveniently located on NM-317 just off I40. Dining room features natural lighting, open seating area, two entrances, front counter with storage, &amp; decorative wood accents including aged wagon wheels. Furnished w/ tables, chairs, kitchen appliances, &amp; storage shelves. Kitchen features large flat top grill, deep fryer, prep area, commercial fridge, dish washing area, &amp; back entrance. Also has an additional room for storage, employee break-room, office, etc. Exterior features spacious parking area, property that extends behind building, &amp; advertising signs right off main street; large yellow sign can be repainted &amp; customized! Sits amidst beautiful red rock scenery &amp; is less than one hour to Bluewater Lake, Red Rock Park, &amp; camp areas. Seller will finance! Call for info.<br>